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The Story

          Many have asked how I came up with the idea of Head Lines. The answer lies in my fond memories of going to the barber shop for a haircut with my grandfather while growing up in Cambridge. I have over 20 years of relevant work experience business experience and 10 years as a Master Barber. 

          I am honored to say I have become knowledgeable in all facets of the Barbershop and its business operations It is my goal to provide a first-class barber shop experience at a reasonable price. A hair cut is just a haircut, right? Wrong! At Head Lines Barbershop, a haircut is ritual, a nostalgic experience, a throw back to a simpler day when men gathered at the corner barbershop to discuss everything from business, to sports, to current events.

          Head Lines barbers provide both traditional, short haircuts, as well as contemporary and trendy styles. Every hair cut will have you saying “Great Cut.”If we do our job right then you too will get more than a haircut and a shave—the experience will be memorable!!!!!                       


                                    --Lance J.

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